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Exiting Stage Left, PBC Thanks Hundreds of Guests and Contributors to This Podcast!

Your host is humbled by, and grateful to hundreds of smart, well-informed people who submitted to PBC interviews over the years, and many others who contributed knowledge and analysis used to shape the commentary in more than 3,000 podcasts posted here since 2009.

The list is long, and drawn from a careful review of the podcast archives in chronological order.  While it’s not expected that many listeners will wade through more than an hour of thank-you’s, PBC wants to acknowledge the great contributions of so many people who said “yes” when asked for an interview.  Only a handful of people who were invited declined.

Hearing the names and brief comments about them may trigger your curiosity, and if you enter one of those names in the search window on the home page, you will be linked to one or more episodes from the archives, which will remain online indefinitely.

My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who participated in the Peter B. Collins podcast!