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01-04-08 Episode

Guests: Robert Parry, John Nichols, Steve Connors, Molly Bingham, Lt. Governor John Garamendi, and Brad Friedman. NOTE: Download not working, please use the podcast located Here.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Robert Parry from joins us. 30 minutes in – John Nichols from The Nation gives a recap of Iowa, and discusses How much of Obama votes were 2nd choice? 60 minutes in – Steve Connors and Molly Bingham, who made the documentary “Meeting Resistance” discuss the Iraq occupation from the insurgents’ views. “Meeting Resistance” opens january 4 2008 at the Roxie Cinemas in San Francisco, January 20 at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, and has a one night screening at the Grand Lake Theatre January 15. 105 minutes in – Lt. Governor John Garamendi joins us with a storm response. 120 minutes in – Brad Friedman from joins us, and answers people’s questions regarding elections and protections.