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02-08-08 Episode

Guests: Robert Parry, Tom Gangale, Matthew Rothschild, Cara Horowitz, and Brad Friedman.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Robert Parry from discusses that it’s been 5 years since Powell lied at the UN, injecting terror into the campaign, and Obama’s vision: end the war mindset. 30 minutes in – Tom Gangale, author of “From the Primaries to the Polls” discusses fixing the primary process. 60 minutes in – Matthew Rothschild from The Progressive discusses InfraGard and how they may be America’s new domestic spies, and Homeland security goonsquads. 90 minutes in – Cara Horowitz from the National Resource Defence Council discusses Bush losing to the courts on the Navy sonar issue. 120 minutes in – Brad Friedman from discusses problems in New Mexico, and California counting faster.