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02-11-08 Episode

Guests: Mike Moore, Ray McGovern, A. J. Rossmiller, Ari Melber, Aldous Tyler, and Tom Unsicker.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Mike Moore, former editor of the Bulletin of the atomic scientists joins us to discuss an arms race in space. 30 minutes in – Ray McGovern, an ex CIA analyst discusses “Waterboarding for God” and it being 5 years since Powell’s lies. 60 minutes in – A.J. Rossmiller from the National Security Netowrk, who spent 2 years in Iraq as an intel officer, joins us. He currently has a book out, “Still Broken” 90 minutes in – Ari Melber from The Nation discusses Clinton and Obama sitting out the NSA debate. 120 minutes in – Aldous Tyler from joins us. 150 minutes in – Tom Unsicker joins us.