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03-11-08 Episode

Guests: Leopoldo Tablante, Ari Melber, Representative Dennis Kucinich, Jason Leopold, and Melanie Sloan.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show - Leopoldo Tablante joins us from Caracas and discusses the averted showdown of Columbia, Ecuador, and VEnezuela. 30 minutes in - Ari Melber from the discusses Spitzer, and Obama rejecting the VP. 60 minutes in - Representative Dennis Kucinich discusses winning the primary, FISA, torture, and the coming 5 year anniversary of the war & occupation of Iraq. 90 minutes in - Jason Leopold, an investigative reporter discusses the Feinstein hearings on US attorneys, the myth of voter fraud, and Iglesias to testify. 120 minutes in - Melanie Sloan from CREW discusses Spitzer, and no ethics reform.