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10-04-07 Episode

Guests: Faiz Shakir, Richard Rapoport, Scott Dick, Dr. Trita Parsi, and R.J. Shulman.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show - Faiz Shakir joins us for his weeekly Progress Report and discusses Perino decrying "innocents held without charge", Matthews getting his comeuppance, and Leahy de-linking Mukasey and contempt. 30 minutes in - Richard Rapoport discusses Zero Tolerance. 60 minutes in - Scott Dick joins us for his weekly segment on Military and Veterans issues, and discusses Blackwater shooter, and vets being denied benefits. 90 minutes in - Dr. Trita Parsi, author of "Treacherous Alliance" joins us to discusss the fact that Iran offered a detailed peace plan in 2003. 150 minutes in - R. J. Shulman, a journalist with a unique voice discusses Rush Volunteering for the military.