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10-18-07 Episode

Guests: Faiz Shakir, John Mearsheimer, Scott Dick, Ron Pollack, and R.J. Shulman.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Faiz Shakir joins us for his weekly Progress Report and discusses the Mukasey hearings, the Armenian resoultion, Anti-family planning Czar, the NSA deal in the senate, and the NSA bill in trouble in the House. 30 minutes in – John Mearsheimer, co-author of “The Israel Lobby” discusses AIPAC and PNAC. 60 minutes in – Scott Dick joins us for his regular segment on Military and Veterans issues, and discusses Turkey, General Sanchez, Iran building power plants, Russia, and Putin haranguing Rice and Gates. 120 minutes in – Ron Pollack from Families USA discusses the S-chip being 13 votes shy. 150 minutes in – R. J. Shulman, a journalist with a unique voice, joins us.