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11-12-07 Episode

Guests: Ari Melber, Alan Weisman, Debra Johanyak, Geoff Millard, Larry Collins, and Aldous Tyler.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Ari Melber from The Nation discusses softball questions for Hillary, Democrats selling out on domestic spying, and Obama’s Iran resolution 30 minutes in – Alan Weisman, author of “Prince of Darkness” discusses Richard Perle and the Iraq mess. 60 minutes in – Debra Johanyak, author of “Behind the Veil” discusses the ’79 Iran hostage crisis, and the roots of today’s conflict. 90 minutes in – Geoff Millard from discusses Iraq vets against the war veterans day, Iraq vets welcome in Humboldt. 120 minutes in – Larry Collins, the president of the SF Crab Boat Owners Assotiation discusses the Crab season being postponed due to the oil spill in the SF Bay. 150 minutes in – Aldous Tyler from Nonstop RAdio discusses the symposium in Madison in August of 08.