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11-16-07 Episode

Guests: Robert Parry, Dan Newman, Maged Kadar, HArvey WAsserman, Noel Parry, Brad Friedman, and David Earhardt.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Robert Parry from discuses the Truthout video with GEoff Millard, and his new book “Neck Deep”, about Bush’s cognitive dissonance. 30 minutes in – Dan Newman from discusses following the political money. 60 minutes in – Maged Kadar, an Iraqi who trains US & Brits and whose brother was saddam’s judge, joins us. 90 minutes in – Harvey Wasserman, author of “Solartopia” discusses the energy bill having zero for renewables. 105 minutes in – Noel Parry from Next 10 discusses the Green Innovation Index. 120 minutes in –Brad Friedman from is joined in his weekly segment by David Earnhardt, who has a new documentary “Uncounted, the new math of American elections”