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11-20-07 Episode

Guests: Reverand Robin Meyers, David Kinnaman, Professor Dan Kammen, Jason Leopold, Melanie Sloan, Michael Jaye, and Dr. Jo Olsen.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Reverand Robin Meyers joins us. 30 minutes in – David Kinnaman, author of “UnChristian” joins us to discuss the topic of his book, which is why young adults see Christians as anti-gay and hypocritical. 60 minutes in – Professor Dan Kammen from UC Berkeley discusses the BP deal terms changing, and the IPCC report saying act now. 90 minutes in – Jason Leopold from discusses a former US attorney saying Gonzales obstructed justice. 120 minutes in – Melanie Sloan from CREW discusses the new ethics plan protecting “pay to play”, Lewis and Calvert investigations continuing, and Representative Bill Jefferson facing new bribery charges. 150 minutes in – Michael Jaye and Dr. Jo Olsen join us.