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11-9-07 Episode

Guests: Robert Parry, Christine Pelosi, Barbara Olshansky, Professor Mumtaz Ahmad, and Lt. Eric Shine. Time of guest appearance Start of show – robert Parry from discusses Bush repeating his lies, Iraq is the centeral front in GWOT, and the US invaded Iraq to enforce UN 1441. 30 minutes in – Christine Pelosi joins us to discuss her new book, “Campaign Boot Camp”. 60 minutes in – Barbara Olshansky, author of “Democracy Detained” discusses Mitt Romney wanting to “double Gitmo”, Mukasey and laws on torture, and Canadian Khadr getting arraigned. 120 minutes in – Professor Mumtaz Ahmand joins us from Islamabad to discuss Bhutto being under house arrest and the possibility of protests. 150 minutes in – Lt. Eric shine,a Coast Guard whistleblower, joins us to discuss his experiences.