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12-13-07 Episode

Guests: Faiz Shakir, Robert Dreyfuss, Scott Dick, Tom Unsicker, and R. J. Shulman.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Faiz Shakir joins us for his weekly Progress Report and discusses Al Gore at the Bali Climate Conference, Senate votes Rove, Bolten Contempt, Bush vetoin gthe S-chip, the Revised energy bill stuck in the Senate at 59 votes, and the House banning waterboarding. 30 minutes in – Robert Dreyfuss joins us to discuss Iran intel, Saudis & Ahmedinijad, and CIA tapes. 60 minutes in – Scott Dick joins us for his weekly segment on Military and Veterans issues, and discusses the violence surging in Basra, veteran suicide rates, sarin gas release in Kentucky, and a chaplain with HIV. 120 minutes in – Tom Unsicker, who’s biking to DC with a set of pingpong balls for congress members to give them all some balls, checks in with us. 150 minutes in – R. J. Shulman, a journalist with a unique voice, joins us.