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4-24-07 Episode

Guests: Dr. David Loye, Karen Meredith, Elizabeth de la Vega, Jason Leopold, Mayor John Shields, and Bob Fertik.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Dr. David Loye, an evolutionary systems scientist discusses his book, “Bankrolling Evolution: Money, Politics & Science” 30 minutes in – Karen Meredith discusses the army’s handling of misinformation around her son’s death, as well as Kevin Tillman’s testimony about his brother. 60 minutes in – Elizabeth de la Vega, an ex-US attorney, discussess Gonzales and the no confidence vote being talked about for the senate. She currently has a book out, “United States V. George W. Bush et al.” 90 minutes in – Jason Leopold from discusses Gonzales and the missing emails. 120 minutes in – Mayor John Shields of Nyack, NY, discusses the cheney impeachment situation. 150 minutes in – Bob Fertik discusses the cheney impeachment situation, and Kucinich.