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4-27-07 Episode

Guests: Al Venter, Jonathan Landay, Leaf Hillman, Brad Friedman, Bob Fitrakis, and Paul Lehto.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Al Venter discusses A Q Khan, Why Lybia gave up nuke plans, and who the next members of the “nuke club” are likely to be. He currently has a book out, “Allah’s Bomb” 60 minutes in – Jonathan Landay discusses Knight-Ridder/McClatchy on Moyers special and pre-war intel. 90 minutes in – Leaf Hillman, who won an award from Buffets Karuks, discusses Yuroks asking Buffet to remove dams so salmon can thrive on the Klamath. 120 minutes in – Brad Friedman from is on for his weekly segment, joined by Bob Fitrakis to discuss Ohio, RNC servers, and the missing emails. 150 minutes in – Paul Lehto joins Brad to discuss Hand counted paper ballots and Filing regarding Busby Bilbray.