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4-30-07 Episode

Guests: Jamo Foser, Joshua Kors, Mike Ergo, Justin Frank, and Senator Mike Gravel.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Jamo Foser, from Media Matters discusses the Blackout of impeachment, Murtha’s MSNBC debate, false questions, Giuliani and Martha Radditz, and Broder Vs. Reid. 30 minutes in – Joshua Kors from The Nation returns for an update on a soldier denied benefits. 60 minutes in – Mike Ergo, an Iraq vet who is now against the war, joins us to share his perspective. 90 minutes in – Justin Frank, MD, discusses the military calling most discharges personality disorderes. He currently has a book out, “Bush on the Couch” 150 minutes in – Senator, and presidential candidate, Mike Gravel discusses the topic of impeachment.