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5-02-07 Episode

Guests: Joseph Cirincione, Max Castro, Mike Lux, John Diaz, Cindy Sheehan, and Oxy Johnny.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Joesph Cirincione discusses British Subs, Putin objecting to missile defense, and AQ Khan. He currently has a book out, “Bomb Scare” 30 minutes in – Max Castro, a sociologist and bilingual columnist, is a founding member of the Emergency Network of Cuban-American Scholars and Artists, and a co-author of “This Land is Our Land: Immigrants and Power in Miami” 60 minutes in – Mike Lux, from American Family Voices discusses the possibility of Impeachment and the Democratic debate. 90 minutes in – John Diaz discusses the TSA watch list. 120 minutes in – Cindy Sheehan joins us. 150 minutes in – Oxy Johnny joins us for a round of rousing discussion.