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5-14-07 Episode

Guests: Jamo Foser, Dianne D’Arrigo, Gamze Cavder, Raed Jarrar, Larry Scott, and Mike Ergo.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Jamo Foser from discusses white guys on the sunday shows. 30 minutes in – Dianne D’Arrigo, the Nuclear Info and Resources service’s radioactive waste project director, discusses the possibility of nuke waste in landfills. 60 minutes in – Gamze Cavder, an assistant professor of political science at colorado state university and an expert on Islamist movements, joins us. She’s the author of “Behind Turkey’s Presidential Battle”. 90 minutes in – Raed Jarrar from Global Exchange joins us. 120 minutes in – Larry Scott joins us. 150 minutes in –Mike Ergo, an Iraq vet now against the war shares his view.