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6-25-07 Episode

Guests: Jamo Foser, Aldous Tyler, Tyson Slocum, Kathleen Campbell Walker, John Cavanagh, and Phyllis Bennis.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Jamo Foser from Media Matters discusses Conservatives owning talk radio, Coulter returning to Hardball, Journos possibly donating to the Democrats, and coverage of Cheney’s “fourth branch”. 30 minutes in – Aldous Tyler from Nonstop Radio joins us. 60 minutes in – Tyson Slocum discusses the energy bill and compromises. 90 minutes in – Kathleen Campbell Walker, the president of the American Immigration Lawyers Assotiation joins us. 120 minutes in – John Cavanagh from the Institute for Policy Studies joins us. 150 minutes in – Phyllis Bennis, also from the Institute for Policy Studies, joins us.