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6-26-07 Episode

Guests: Army Sgt. Bleu Copas, Navy Petty Officer Jason Knight, Robin Greenwald, Antonia Juhasz, Nobel Laureat Jody Williams, Jason Leopold, and Melanie Sloan.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Army Sgt. Bleu Copas and Navy Petty Officer Jason Knight, two gay language specialists ousted from service, join us. 30 minutes in – Robert Greenwald from Brave New Films joins us. 60 minutes in –Antonia Juhasz and Nobel Laureat Jody Williams discuss opposing the Iraq oil deal. 90 minutes in – Jason Leopold from discusses Cheny and the Bud Cummins video. 120 minutes in – Melanie Sloan from CREW discusses Cheney/Hardball, and Doolittle.