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7-05-07 Episode

Guests: Faiz Shakir, Kristen Boyles, Scott Dick, Dan Callahan, and David Swanson.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Faiz Shakir from the Progress Report discusses amnesty for white male republicans, and Al Gore III’s driving “mishaps”. 30 minutes in – Kristen Boyles, the staff attorney for Earth Justice, discusses the Klamath flows, salmon, and Cheney taking a stance on it. 60 minutes in – Scott Dick joins us for his weekly segment on Military and Veterans issues, and discusses that there are more contractors than troops in Iraq, and if liberals can be patriots. 90 minutes in – Dan Callahan, the attorney for Blackwater victims, joins us. 120 minutes in – David Swanson from ImpeachPAC announces a new Greenwald video.