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7-09-07 Episode

Guests: Eric Boehlert, Mike Lux, Jana Crowder, Cliff Schecter, Kevin Kamps, and Amanda Terkel.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Eric Boehlert from Media Matters discusses Libby getting it easy, Savage slamming Media Mattters as the “Homosexual mafia” and Sharpton subbing for Matthews. 30 minutes in – Mike Lux discusses the new site “” 60 minutes in – Jana Crowder from joins us. 90 minutes in – Cliff Schecter from The Real discusses McCain coming back from Iraq as the GOP crumbles. 120 minutes in – Kevin Kamps from the Nuclear Info and Resource Service discusses vulnerable storage at Diablo Canyon. 150 minutes in – Amanda Terkel form discusses the executive privilege battle.