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7-10-07 Episode

Guests: Brian Katulis, Professor Ervand Abrahamian, Melissa Goodman, Jason Leopold, Melanie Sloan, and David Swanson.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Brian Katulis from the center for american progress discusses there being no panic at the White house, just a strategic reset. 30 minutes in – Professor Ervand Abrahamian discusses Iran. 60 minutes in – Melissa Goodman from the ACLU discusses their suit against the NSA. 90 minutes in – Jason Leopold from discusses Sara Taylor and Harriet Miers. 120 minutes in – Melanie Sloan from CREW discusses executive privilege vs. contempt of court. 150 minutes in – David Swanson discusses the facebook group he started to raise money to fly an impeachment banner over the allstar game.