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9-28-07 Episode

Guests: Frances Moore Lappe, Jeffrey Feldman, John Eisenberg, Ron Pollak, and Mark Crispin Miller.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show – Frances Moore LAppe, author of “Getting a Grip” Joins us. 30 minutes in – Jeffrey Feldman, from Frame Shop is discusses the Democratic debate, and “support the troops” as we get hosed for another $200 billion. 60 minutes in – Attorney Jon Eisenberg discusses how NSA taps evidence could blow open legal remedies, catch 22 FISA violations, felony and tort to violate the 9th circuit. 105 minutes in – Ron Pollak from FAmilies USA discusses the S-chip veto override scheme, Democrat health plans, and the bedt limit being raised to 10 trillion. 120 minutes in – Mark Crispin Miller joins us.