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Write to Bernie Ward

All my West Coast listeners know Bernie Ward from his years as the Lion of the Left on KGO/San Francisco.

And you all know that he is serving 6+ years in federal prison on a child pornography conviction.  While it’s clear that Bernie broke the law, it is a draconian law that deserves reform.  I, for one, decline to judge him; he is paying a heavy price and is certainly punishing himself.  His deal with the prosecutor included an understanding that Bernie would serve his sentence in California, either in Dublin or Lompoc.  But without warning, he was transferred by plane to Oklahoma City followed by a 12-hour bus ride to “Bloody Beaumont”, in Texas, which is considered one of the worst low security prisons in the nation.  This strikes me as a kind of “rendition” to gratuitous extra punishment, as Bernie’s family can’t afford to travel there very often.  The rates for phone calls from prisons are jacked up, so it really strains family connections.

Bernie did a lot of good work on his late-night show, the Sunday God Talk, and the charity work he devoted so much energy to.  Please take a moment to write him, and include a few stamps so he can write to you and others.  And if you are in a position to make a contribution, he and I would be very grateful.  Just go to and use the info below to deposit to his account.

Bernard V. Ward   90569-111

P O Box 26020

Beaumont, TX  77720-6020