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Info on Podcast #23

Thom Hartmann, Rep. Joe Sestak, and Gary Chew’s review of the new documentary, The Cove.  Thom is my favorite progressive radio host, and we talk about his departure from Air America as well as the ideas in his newest book, Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture. Thom argues that we are facing economic challenges, global warming, and population growth, and we have some disagreement about imigration policy.  Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak, the retired 3-star Navy admiral, announced that he will challenge nouveau-Demo Arlen Specter in the Senate primary next year.  Sestak is very smart, he listens, and responds with thoughtful comments, not just rehearsed sound bites.  He earns high marks for pledging to restore the constitution and end illegal domestic surveillance, and for critical thinking about Afghanistan and other foreign policy issues.  Gary Chew, our official film reviewer, says “The Cove” is a moving documentary about dolphin slaughter in Japan, and I get to tell my story of an amazing encounter with a group of dolphins while sailing in the Caribbean.