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info on Podcast #24

Investigative journalist Jason Leopold updates Holder’s plans for limited torture investigations;  musician David Ippolito leads a grassroots effort to pressure Holder to do more; and Jim Motavalli warns of untested nano-products.  Read Leopold’s excellent reporting on BushCo crimes and ObamaCo’s failure to investigate and enforce the laws.  Jason also has the exclusive that White House Counsel Greg Craig may be on the way out, and details Craig’s coziness with Karl Rove and other Republicans.   Ippolito is the NYC musician, and is running a commercial on MSNBC that starts out with the graphic “Torture is Wrong” and includes part of his song “Resolution“.  His story is inspiring, and he needs your help!  Motavalli, senior writer for E The Environmental Magazine,  says nanotechnology has much to offer, but that nanoproducts like sunscreen don’t disclose the nanocontent, and have not been tested.