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Info on Podcast #26

Andrea Batista Schlesinger
Andrea Batista Schlesinger

Progressive think-tanker Andrea Batista Schlesinger, author of The Death of Why, and Deron Lovaas from NRDC.  Schlesinger is on leave as executive director of the Drum Major Institute to work on the re-election of Mayor Bloomberg in New York (which produced an initial onlsaught of “Why?s” from PBC) and serves on the board of The Nation magazine.

Her book is a fascinating look at how our ghetto-ized media and opinion journalism reduce the quality of our thinking and decision-making.  She has a great story of her incoherent exchange with Lou Dobbs on CNN.  Deron Lovaas, senior energy analyst at Natural Resources Defense Council, details a new study on energy policy and our vulnerability to increases in the cost of oil and gas. Check out his blog.