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Info on Podcast #25

The Battle over Healthcare:  Progressive Democrat Tim Carpenter, media critic Jeff Cohen, and mad-as-hell-Dr. Gene Upham.  Carpenter is the National Director for Progressive Democrats of America, and his current priorities are the Wiener amendment to substitute single payer language in the House bill, and support for the Kucinich (House) and Sanders (Senate) measures to enable single payer at the state level.  Cohen, media critic, co-founder of FAIR and author of Cable News Confidential, offers smart criticism of Democrats and allied netroots groups that compromised too much too fast, and the way the corporate media has amplified the lies of demagogues.  And MD Gene Uphoff of Portland tells why he favors single payer, and invites you to join him and the Mad As Hell Doctors for their care-avan from Portland to Washington DC that starts Sept. 8. They can use your financial support, if you are in a position to assist.