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Info on Podcast #36

Just back from Afghanistan, Norman Solomon reports on the tense scene in Kabul, fraud in the recent election, and the range of groups that comprise “the Taliban” in US media terms.  We also talk with activist and author Dave Berman about advocacy journalism and his new videoblog.

Norman is executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy and author of “War Made Easy”; he was an Obama delegate to the convention last year, and is critical of Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan.  We also talked about the campaign of Progressive Democrats of America, “Healthcare Not Warfare” and Norman’s deep disappointment with the Democrats’ handling of the health care reform effort.   In the second segment with Dave Berman, PBC discloses plans to co-host a cable access channel show with his neighbor in the office building, Larry the Lawyer. And we encourage you to be the media and get the book Be The Media.