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Info on Podcast #37

Jeff Halper on Israel/Palestinian conflict, Dr. Margaret Flowers on health care reform, and Gary Chew reviews The Informant.  Halper is an Israeli Jew and coordinator of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.  He comments on the UN report on Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza in 12/08 and the “false symmetry” of news accounts that accuse both sides of war crimes.  He talks about the expansion of settlements by Netanyahu, “spitting in the face” of Obama, and the prospects for peace.  Dr. Flowers got arrested in a Senate committee when she spoke out in favor of single payer, and she has joined the Mad as Hell Doctors on their road trip to D.C.  Chew tells us Matt Damon is great as a whistle-blowing executive of Archer Daniels Midland in The Informant.  Gary’s reviews are online at