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Info on Podcast #38

David Cay Johnston comments on Wall street bailouts and weak prospects for new regulation;  Prof. Joshua Clover details plans by faculty, students and employees to shut down the entire University of California statewide on September 24;  Bob Hertz of shreds the Baucus proposal and advocates for us, the consumers; and PBC rants about the latest wave of anti-Obama propaganda.

Johnston is the former NY Times reporter and author of Free Lunch; he now teaches about the history of financial regulation at Syracuse College of Law.  He breaks down the meltdown in plain terms, and doesn’t think we will see any major re-regulation to prevent a repeat.  The flash political cartoon at the beginning of the segment is at  Tuition and fees at UC have increased 277% since 2000, and Prof. Clover explains their demands.

Bob Hertz offers a vision for American healthcare that is sensible, affordable, and probably unattainable in this political chapter.  And PBC closes with a rant on the latest right wing email barrage, a series of lengthy emails purportedly from “concerned Democrats” who use guilt by association to call Obama a communist and list the same phony charges that show up on teabagger protest signs and GOP fundraising letters.