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Info on Podcast #39

Melanie Sloan of CREW reveals the 15 Most Corrupt elected officials in Washington, DC; then Harper’s writer Gideon Lewis-Kraus takes us to Washington, California, where everybody’s growing pot; and Prof. Larry Bogad of UC Davis talks about political theater, including the recent scam edition of the New York Post.

Sloan also gives the details of Rep. Mike Ross’s (D-Arkansas) sweet deal with a drug retailer–he and his wife sold their pharmacy for far more than it was worth (like Duke Cunningham) and Ross is the leading Blue Dog blocking progressive health care reform.

Lewis-Kraus introduces us to Buck and Tyedie Bob in tiny Washington, CA, and talks about the prospects of legal weed.  And Bogad is aligned with the Yes Men, who stage anti-corporate stunts worldwide;  he’ll tell us about the spoof on The Post and other political theater.