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I talked to Van Jones today

So I went to my contact database to look up Van Jones’ phone number. Turns out we last spoke one year ago today. I left a message on his cell, and, as is common, he returned the call before he heard my message.

I invited him to do an interview, and he politely declined for now. He says he wants to continue to avoid being a distraction to the administration. I told him I was distressed by the way he left the White House and that the administration didn’t fight Glenn Beck and the other demagogues (like Americans for Prosperity) who attacked him. He said he appreciated the sentiment, and the support expressed by others, but rejected my characterization, inferring that it was his idea to leave.

I told him that I respect him greatly, and his vision that ties social justice to the evolving green economy. He thanked me, and said that very soon the VP will be announcing initiatives that “have those fingerprints all over them.”

We agreed to touch base in a couple of months, and he said that when he re-enters the public sphere that we will be hearing from him, “and you’ll get tired of me”. I gently rejected his characterization.

Van Jones is an inspiring leader, and his influence will continue to be felt.