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Info on Podcast #49

Sibel Edmonds ungagged!, part 2 of 3. As the corporate media continues to ignore the important information about illegal Turkish influence on our government, Edmonds details the sequence of events that led to the unprecedented gag orders issued to her and enforced by Judge Reggie Walton, and the incredible retroactive gag order on Congress, which also classified her date of birth! She reveals that Rep. Henry Waxman backed off his promise to permit Edmonds to testify under oath, informing his staff just after he met with Speaker Pelosi in March, 2007. She reacts to the comments of retired FBI manager John Cole (from Podcast #45) confirming that top FBI management knew Edmonds was telling the truth as they moved to gag her. Part 3 will be released next week, providing a tour of Turkish interests and influence in the US.