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Info on Podcast #58

Actor and writer Peter Coyote talks about a secret US raid in Syria in late October, 2008; ex-evangelical Frank Schaeffer warns that the Christian is “trolling for murder”.  Coyote recently visited Syria with journalist Reese Ehrlich (hear podcast #41) and they co-authored this important story at Vanity Fair’s website. US commandos swooped down in choppers and apparently killed seven innocent civilians, and the Bush administration claimed they killed an al Qaeda leader who had been dead for more than a year. No surprise:  Coyote is a good story teller. Schaeffer was a 2nd generation pro-life Republican, and quit the party in 2000.  He now warns that evangelicals have tapped dangerous emotions that could lead to an attempt to assassinate Obama.  Great quote:  “Christian Zionists love Israel the way oncologists love cancer”.  Click here for info on an event in NYC Nov. 5 with Schaeffer and Jeff Sharlet, author of “The Family”. listen_button