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Info on Podcast #59

Sam Ferguson, reporter, updates the Argentine war crimes trials from Buenos Aires; and activist Kevin Zeese is mobilizing protests against health insurance companies and the US Chamber of Commerce.  Ferguson reports on the conviction of Gen. Rovere, who we talked about in podcast #46.  He expands on his Truthout story in our conversation, and also tells of his recent trip to Uruguay, where voters did not approve a referendum to repeal amnesty for war crimes.  And we talk about the lessons Americans can draw regarding potential trials for war criminals of the Bush/Cheney era.  Zeese is Executive Director of Prosperity Agenda and is leading protests of insurance providers–get info here–with Dr. Margaret Flowers and others.  We talk about the “public option” and the UFO that rich obstructionists (GOP) call “Obamacare”, and strategies for progressives. We also talk about the Stop The Chamber project to expose the US Chamber of Commerce, including the action of the Yes Men that has drawn a lawsuit from the Chambermaids–preventing Yes Man Mike Bonanno from joining us on this episode.  The Yes Men movie opens in San Francisco 10/30 at the Roxie and Kabuki cinemas, plus the Rafael in San Rafael and the Oaks in Berkeley. listen_button