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Fox Hires Lyin' Sack of Rogue-ness

It’s not news, not surprising, just disgusting. Fox News (sic) (or should it be “sick”) announced today that it has hired Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor who quit so….she could get paid to deliver salvos of slander on a regular basis. (Why give it away free when you can get paid for it?) Fox wasn’t content to just broadcast her silly Facebook rants verbatim–they hired the hockey mom who’s a MILF to GOP guys to add to their stable of newsfoxes and the lite-porn B-roll they are famous for.
Just last night on 60 Minutes, McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt (whose big ears stick out even more than Obama’s) looked right at the camera and politely said that Palin had caused problems for the campaign because she often said things that were “not accurate”. The example he gave was about the ethics report from Alaska–she said it vindicated her, and Schmidt correctly stated that it did not. My favorite Palin lie was that Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists”…..or was it the “death panel” line about health care legislation? Post your favorite here!