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Info on Podcast #116

Prof. Stephen Jones on 9/11 explosive evidence; 2 activists fight White House on coal ash rules. Dr. Jones details the peer reviewed study that confirms that dust from 4 locations near the World Trade Center contained residue from the high tech explosive nanothermite. We begin the conversation with Jones’ description of his early retirement from Brigham Young University, under pressure from the Cheney White House, then talk about the study. He also references an earlier study, found here. While the discussion is a bit technical at times, and Jones’ cell fades out sometimes, the information is important and persuasive. In our second segment, we hear from two activists who are fighting White House czar Cass Sunstein, who is holding up approval of new EPA rules on coal ash: Peter Kelley, whose group has set up a cool website and taken out an ad in the Harvard Crimson (Sunstein is on leave from Harvard) to challenge the czar; and Tim Tanksley, who lives very close to a toxic coal ash dump near Bokoshe, Oklahoma which is run by the cynically-named “Making Money Having Fun” company, which has recently (and more cynically) been re-named Clean Hydro. Tanksley invites you to get more info hereand here.