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Info on Podcast #117

NY Times makes correction, continues misreporting on ACORN; Gov. Don Siegelman updates his fight for justice. For months, Brad Friedman of Bradblog has waged a valiant fight with top editors at the NY Times, demanding corrections to its repeated false reports about ACORN and the entrapment video created by James O’Keefe. On March 21, Public Editor Clark Hoyt admitted that he and the Times had erred by repeating the claim that O’Keefe was dressed as a pimp when he set up some ACORN employees; he also acknowledged that the Times fumbled the overall story and failed to report on the investigation that exonerated ACORN. But recent stories include references that have not been updated to match the corrections. You are invited to register your comments with Times executive editor Bill Keller and managing editor John Geddes. Brad also details the recent convictions of 8 officials in Kentucky for election fraud. Gov. Siegelman is a victim of election fraud, conviction by a prosecutor with close ties to Karl Rove before a judge who should have recused himself. He explains his side of the story on one count he was convicted on, related to a motorcycle he acquired, and asks listeners to contact Chairman John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee.