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Info on Podcast #124

Prof. David Coates coaches liberals; John Stauber protests San Francisco’s giveaway of toxic sludge as “compost”. Coates reported from the UK in podcast 119, and here he comments on Obama’s failures to frame and carry the debate over health insurance. His new book is Answering Back: Liberal responses to Conservative Arguments. It’s a lively conversation, as PBC points out you can win a rational debate only if the other side is rational, too. We also talk about the upcoming Supreme Court confirmation battle, and the call for progressives to fight back if Obama appoints a conservative. Check out Prof. Coates’ blog here, and website here. Stauber is a member of the advisory board of Organic Consumers Association, and the author of Toxic Sludge is Good For You. A coalition of organic activists is challenging San Francisco’s distribution of wastewater solids that include toxins like dioxin, PCB’s and pesticide residue–as organic compost for urban gardens. The activists dumped a load of toxic dung on the steps of City Hall recently, and Stauber explains how they have come into conflict with organic food visionary Alice Waters. If you are offended by the word “shit”, you should avoid this segment, which starts at about 31:45.