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Info on Podcast #125

Joshua Kors: Shameful treatment of wounded GI’s; Gen. Robert Gard on Obama’s nuclear weapons summit. Kors is a great journalist with a new cover story for The Nation that exposes outrageous treatment of wounded Iraq combat vets. This time, it’s the case of Sgt. Chuck Luther, injured in a mortar blast, who was treated like a Gitmo prisoner when he sought treatment for the injuries, and pressured to accept a discharge that said his war injuries were caused a case of “personality disorder” that preceded his service. Gen. Gard is an elder warrior (Korea, Vietnam) who is Chair of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. He comments on the 47-nation conference about loose nukes held in Washington in mid-April, the new START treaty with Russia and its flaws, Bush’s blunder on our nuclear deal with India, US failure to expose and understand the A.Q. Khan network, and related issues. The second segment starts about 28:30