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Info on Podcast #142

The Internets: Social Network Bill of Rights, Legalize online gambling? Two reports on the web: first, attorney Lisa Borodkin reports from the conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy in San Jose. Borodkin and USC law professor Jack Lerner have proposed a bill of rights for social media; she discusses the real lack of privacy and control by users over Facebook and other sites, how most people are clueless about their exposure online, and that operators take advantage of user ignorance. One example: after you delete a photo from Facebook, it is still archived and available to anyone with the correct URL. In our second segment, we talk with Melanie Brenner, head of Poker Voters of America, who is promoting California Senate Bill 1485 to legalize and tax online gambling here; we’re joined by my friend and poker player Mark Lewis, who is skeptical of online gambling: “it’s not about protecting consumers…it’s about money, for the state and the operators”. Second segment starts at about 37:22