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Info on Podcast #143

Tibet documentary; single payer for California. Filmmaker Tenzing Sonam talks about the new documentary, The Sun Behind the Clouds: Tibet’s Struggle for Freedom”, a fascinating new film that covers the 2008 uprising in Tibet and features many comments from the Dalai Lama in public and private. The film explores the divisions among Tibet citizens and exiles over the Dalai Lama’s “middle way approach” (calling for autonomy instead of independence), the Buddhist principles of nonviolence, and the call for independence in the face of China’s control of Tibet. Andrew McGuire is a longtime activist who brought us the fire-safe cigarette, California’s ban on assault weapons and other health and safety programs. He now leads California One Care in the ongoing political battle for single payer health care. You are invited to create your own message supporting single payer, joining Lily Tomlin, Elliott Gould and many others in the campaign to build support for real reform. McGuire offers a political roadmap to passage, and inspires renewed determination to overcome corporate power to provide health care to all.