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Info on Podcast #145

Write That Book Already! Authors Sam Barry and Kathi Kamen Goldmark’s new book is an entertaining and informative self-help book for writers; both have worked in publishing and have been published, and their insight and “tough love” are quite valuable. PBC invited his friend and colleague Rona Renner, host of the Childhood Matters radio show to join us for a friendly “intervention”. Rona has been thinking about writing a book, and we use her as our author-wanna-be–providing real world examples of the challenges of writing a book and getting it published. We talk about the practical side of writing, getting support, finding an agent, asking for an advance–all the key questions you’ll face if you want to write a book. Sam and Kathi also write the “Author Enablers” column. So go write a book, and send a copy to PBC!