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Info on Podcast #144

Obama & progressives; S.C. Senate challenge ends; Crazy Arizona. In this 98-minute package of news & views, we start with Ari Melber of The Nation and Politico on ObamaCo’s support for conservative “Democrats” like Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and open contempt for labor and progressives who opposed her. Melber says the only lefty group getting any traction with the administration is the ACLU, because they are willing to sue over important issues. Brad Friedman of Bradblog reports on the South Carolina Democrats’ rejection of the election challenge by Vic Rawl of the miraculous “election” of phantom candidate Alvin Greene; he expands his previous report that Canada’s Dominion Voting now owns Diebold/Premier and Sequoia, but not Sequoia’s intellectual property, giving Dominion 55% of the US voting machine market; and Brad explains that Karl Rove is now following him on Twitter. Ken Silverstein is the Washington editor of Harpers; he talks about his story on Arizona’s legislature in the July issue, which he describes as “composed almost entirely of dimwits, racists and cranks.” PBC makes numerous comparisons to California’s problems–the state is crashing and the candidates are talking about immigration, a federal issue. Friedman starts at 29:30 and Silverstein starts at 1:11:30