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Info on Podcast #147

Child sex slavery and pandering. Two well-informed writers talk about a sordid, difficult subject. Nick Bryant has just published The Franklin Scandal, which details a child pandering network run by an influential Republican from Omaha, Lawrence King. King fleeced a credit union of about $40 million, and used his political influence to get the FBI and other law enforcement and judicial agencies to coverup his child sex pandering network, which included the abuse of some residents of Boys Town and the outrageous conviction of one of the female victims on perjury charges. More info at the book’s website. Charles A. Bonner is a human rights attorney from the Bay Area, who represented a young girl who was kidnapped and held in a dungeon by a serial rapist; he has published a fiction book based on those real events in Syracuse, NY called The Bracelet. The book also details international sex slavery rings that exploit impoverished young women from third world countries. Bonner offers free legal consultation to victims, you can contact him at .