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US Atty. Counsel was Compromised; Satirist Will Durst Starts Weekly Rant

Andrew Kreig reports that special counsel Nora Dannehy was compromised by her own improper conduct; political satirist Will Durst launches a wacky-but-serious weekly commentary.
Kreig is Executive Director of the Justice Integrity Project, a DC-based nonprofit that supports victims of selective prosecution, including unpopular ones like Bernie Kerik and Sen. Ted Stevens. Kreig, a former newspaper reporter, exposes that Nora Dannehy–who was chosen by AG Mukasey in late 2008 to investigate the Bush-era US attorney scandals–was lead prosecutor on a case and did not properly reveal evidence with the defense. Kreig suggests she was compromised by this, which is supported by her report, which appears highly compromised. We talked in detail about this in Podcast #155 with Justice Oliver Diaz. Kreig also takes the MSM to task for failure to focus on political prosecutions. Your humble host offers comments on the looming battle over the expiring Bush tax cuts for the rich, and praises David Stockman’s NYT op-ed. And Bay Area comedian and political satirist Will Durst presents his first commentary to launch a regular series here on the PBC Show. Durst hits at about 1:11 into the show.