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Prop 8 is Ruled Unconstitutional; Chez Sludge San Francisco, the sequel

Federal judge overturns Prop. 8, gay leader David Fleischer reacts and details his analysis of why Prop. 8 passed in November 2008; John Stauber updates the San Francisco toxic sludge giveaway story. Judge Vaughn Walker issued a powerful ruling that Prop.8 is unconstitutional. The same-sex marriage ban is based on a belief that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples, which Walker finds “irrational”. David Fleischer is a longtime political activist and consultant, and has released a detailed and honest report on the Prop. 8 campaign, which you can find here. His most surprising finding is that there was major confusion among voters, which actually benefited the opponents more. John Stauber is a founder of the Center for Media and Democracy, and has exposed San Francisco’s annual giveaway of toxic sludge label as “compost”. In this update, he explains the reaction of the SF Public Utilities Commission, and its ally, organic grand dame ALice Waters of Chez Panisse. Stauber is planning to appear before the PUC on August 10, although the staff has refused to put the issue on the official agenda. Read Stauber’s detailed reports and the embarrassing emails here. The second segment starts at 30:25