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Rev. Janie Spahr Faces Charges in Presbyterian Church Court

Rev. Janie Spahr is a lesbian minister who is facing charges in a church court for performing marriages of same sex couples. She joins us with her church lawyers, Beverly Brewster and Scott Clark. Rev. Spahr is an inspiring woman who broke through the glass ceiling to become one of the first women pastors in the Presbyterian church. She was formerly at the Metropolitan Community Church in San Francisco, and a roving evangelist based in Rochester, NY at the Downtown United Presbyterian Church. On August 24, the Presbytery for the Redwoods will hold a trial in Napa, CA (1226 Salvador Street) on charges related to same sex marriages performed by Rev. Spahr at the time they were legal in California. This is not her first trial–she prevailed on appeal in a previous case. Rev. Spahr talks about the recent federal court decision overturning the Prop 8 ban on same sex marriage, and the heterosexism and homophobia that feed anti-gay thoughts and actions.