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Andy Worthington: 9th Circuit Says “Secrecy Rules”; Will Durst is Mad, Really Mad!

Andy Worthington reports on Appeals Court ruling against victims of torture and rendition, declaring “secret” what we already know; Will Durst has some anger issues. Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files, provides the best ongoing coverage of America’s gulag at his website, and he details the cynical ruling by the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (the most liberal court in the nation!) which overturned its own 3-judge panel and threw out the suit brought by rendition/torture victim Binyam Mohammed and 4 others. The court makes the fatuous claim that government secrecy prevents the case from going forward, even though most of the evidence is already on the record in the US and Britain. While Obama said he wanted to close Guantanamo, his lawyers continue to cover up for the illegal actions under Bush and Cheney. Dissenting judges point out that courts could limit disclosure of legitimate secrets on an individual basis, but the majority was bent on coverup. Comedian and satirist Will Durst closes the show with an angry rant about anger in America today. Durst comes on at just about 1 hour into the podcast.